Antonio Campos-Rocha João Semir Julie Henriette Antoinette Dutilh


A new species of Griffinia (Amaryllidaceae) endemic to the Caatinga and considered endangered is here described and illustrated. Griffinia angustifolia, a species known from only three collections, is characterized by having the narrowest leaves of all species of the genus. Due to its small size, G. angustifolia can be compared to G. itambensis, G. liboniana, and G. rochae, however, G. angustifolia is easily distinguished from these species by the yellow color of the pollen. Data on ecology, conservation, and illustrations of the new taxon are provided. Additionally, an identification key for the species of small-sized Griffinia is presented.



Cómo citar

A. Campos-Rocha, J. Semir, and J. H. Antoinette Dutilh, “Griffinia angustifolia (Amaryllidaceae), a new endangered species endemic to the Brazilian Caatinga biome”, CienciAmérica, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 51–56, Apr. 2017, Accessed: May 20, 2024. [Online]. Available: https://cienciamerica.edu.ec/index.php/uti/article/view/72

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